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Want to Be Great: Boss


Title: Bruce
By: Peter Arnes Carlin

Bruce is a new biography of singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen by Peter Ames Carlin, author of Paul McCartney:a life.

The book concentrates on the difference between Springsteen and many other musicians: from Steel Mill to E Street Band, he has been a true cultural and working-class icon, deep-rooted in his native New Jersey. His early musical career was driven by determination to avoid his father's fate, but his aim eventually became to be “More than rich, more than famous, more than happy, I want to be great.” Needless to say, it has not been an easy path. But Rolling Stone ranks him No. 1 of 50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now for his superhuman levels of energy and ability to touch, move, and inspire audiences. Albums such as Born in the USA (1984) and Born to Run (1975) reflect his times and feature working-class characters. His River (1980) touches upon teenage pregnancy issues with a dissection of his sister's life; Streets of Philadelphia (2002) deals with HIV/AIDS.

As SCPL has purchased Bruce in both book and audio/digital formats, interested readers are able to gain another dimension: the vivid dual performance by the author and narrator Bobby Cannavale.

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