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— Charles W. Eliot

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A Bittersweet Season

Title: A Bittersweet Season
By: Jane Gross

My father, in his 90s, lives on the opposite coast. I worry about his health, his safety, his security -- and my own. Over the past few years, searching for advice, I’ve tossed out countless newspaper and magazine articles and returned piles of library books half-read. I hesitated before checking out A Bittersweet Season. But, by the time I'd applied a dozen Post-Its to my library copy, I'd decided to buy one for myself. (This is one of the beauties of libraries: they allow one to decide for free where to invest one's hard-earned pennies.)

If you are, or may be, responsible in any way for an aging elder; if you are that elder; if you are a caregiver who works with those responsible, or their charges -- check this book out. Soon. Because, as Gross points out, when things go wrong, they go wrong in droves, and rapidly. Have this resource in hand before you're in full panic mode.

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Posted by curious on Sept. 28, 2011 at 8:30 a.m.


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