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Defending Baltimore Against Enemy Attack

Defending Baltimore Against Enemy Attack

Title: Defending Baltimore Against Enemy Attack
By: Charles Osgood

The book is subtitled "A Boyhood Year During World War II." It is Osgood's memoir of 1942 when he was nine years old. The war was touching lives of those at home - victory gardens flourished, scrap metal was collected for the war effort, schoolchildren memorized the silhouettes of Japanese and German planes just in case, and everyone had maps of Europe and Africa to follow the progress of the war. It was also a much simpler time. Families listened to radio programs together. Whole neighborhoods followed their baseball team on the radio when they couldn't get to the ballpark. School children were polite most of the time and didn't have ready excuses when they were punished. Defending Baltimore Against Enemy Attack is a delightful snapshot of one boy's memories of school, paper routes, baseball, family, and friends and a nine year old's perceptions of World War II.

At just over 150 pages, it is well worth reading for laughs as well as a look at growing up in a special time in our history.

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Posted by ogradyj on Sept. 9, 2010 at 2:46 p.m.


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