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Chronic Pain

Pain-Free for Life: The 6-Week Cure for Chronic Pain- Without Surgery or Drugs

Title: Pain-Free for Life: The 6-Week Cure for Chronic Pain- Without Surgery or Drugs
By: Scott Brady

Scott Brady, M.D. is the founder and director of the Brady Institute of Health in Florida. He discusses, in great detail, a program for ending chronic pain such as migraine headaches, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and sciatica. The author suffered from headaches, back pain, and irritable bowel syndrome himself for many years and so his expertise is not only that of a medical professional but also that of a patient. His approach to stopping chronic pain is based on the mind-body connection. He has found that many people with chronic pain suffer from a condition he calls Autonomic Overload Syndrome (AOS) defined as the following: "…a group of chronic pains and other symptoms caused by harmful levels of stress, pressure, and repressed strong negative emotions that have built up in the subconscious mind."

Brady explains his ideas clearly so that the information is easy to absorb. He provides a lot of practical information on how to integrate his program into your daily life.

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