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Links - A Short Story Collection

Title: Links - A Short Story Collection
By: Kaylia Metcalfe

I am really impressed with how well-crafted these stories are. As a good short story should, these show the reader vivid snapshots of the lives of the characters. Like a gourmet tasting menu, Links provides bite-sized samples of complex flavors of people and life, which are emotionally resonant, and authentic. I especially like the element of discovery and surprise that Ms. Metcalfe brings to her stories. I found myself starting a story and assuming that one thing was going on, only to find myself revising hypothesis about who the characters are and what they are up to, sometimes several times in each story. It was an interesting and fresh journey to go on, where my assumptions were challenged. I also appreciated the diversity of characters the author cooks up. I am amazed at the fact that she is able to bring so many different kinds of people to life, and have them seem exactly right. To have such a wide variety of characters and situations ring true in such a short amount of time is very refreshing. These stories are gems. Pick up a copy of Links, and enjoy some really good writing.

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Posted by leer on Aug. 5, 2010 at 11:42 a.m.


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