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The Santa Cruz Public Library is committed to providing free and equitable access to information in all its forms, including electronic, as the digital world continues to evolve. The Library does not distinguish or discriminate on the basis of age. It maintains collections and provides services that are organized to meet the different needs of children, teens, and adults. The library’s strategic plan expressly ensures access to innovative tools and technologies necessary to find, evaluate and use information and resources.

The library will provide WiFi internet access at all branches and one hour per day use of library internet computers free of charge to all users. County residents and visitors who are eligible are encouraged to obtain a library card in order to receive their one hour per day use of library equipment. Visitors will receive a guest pass for one free hour per day.

While SCPL upholds the principles of the First Amendment, some activities are more suitable for private viewing and/or are illegal. Library equipment and networks may not be used to access pornography, material that is obscene or is harmful to minors, or any other illegal activity, such as hacking. Library users who do so will be required to stop immediately. Repeated offenses will result in suspension of library privileges. The Library reserves the right to immediately intervene and take possession of its computers if it has reason to believe that its computers are being used in violation of this policy or for any illegal purpose.

As current software technologies intended to block inappropriate websites and images are not effective and often over-block legitimate research sites and material, SCPL does not utilize content filtering software. The Library does not act in loco parentis, and respects the responsibility of all parents and legal guardians to guide their own children’s use of the library, its resources, and services.

See also the Wireless Internet Access Policy.

This policy will be renewed every three years.
Adopted: consolidation of three different yet related policies from 1998, 2003 and 2007
Updated: 3/8/12
Revised: 2/1/17

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