Library Policies - Displays


In the context of its mission to enhance Santa Cruz County’s quality of life by providing vibrant physical and virtual public spaces where people connect, discover, and engage the mind, the Library System makes available for community use display cases, bulletin boards, and other space for conveying information or publicizing events. The following rules govern the type and manner in which materials may be displayed.

Bulletin Boards

  • Bulletin Boards in public areas may be used to publicize cultural events and programs of community interest.

  • Notices about political candidates, religious services, or private enterprises may not be posted.

  • All materials must be submitted to the branch service desk for posting and approval.

  • Branches using digital signage may require posted notices to be received in or converted to electronic format for posting.

Display Cases

  • Use of Display Cases is reserved for individuals, non-profit and not-for-profit groups only.

  • Groups or individuals may reserve space in display cases on a first-come, first-served basis, by making arrangements in advance with the Branch Manager or her/his designee.

  • Generally, only one display per year per individual/organization may be booked at any one Branch.

  • Displays are for one calendar month.

  • Displays must be of interest to some segment of the community. They may not advocate the election of any candidate for political office. They may concern an issue of current political interest. It is understood that the opinions expressed in the display do not represent those of the Library System, its staff, or the Library Joint Powers Authority Board and signs stating this are posted at each Display Case.

  • The Library System will endeavor to make display space available to groups representing all sides of issues. It reserves the right to schedule displays on the first-come, first-served basis cited in Number 2 above. For displays regarding issues of current public debate, it also reserves the right to facilitate public comment on the issue via a binder in which people are invited to write their comments.

  • Each display must contain a sign indicating the name of the sponsoring group or individual. The sponsor may also post a sign listing its address and phone number so that interested members may contact the sponsor directly.

  • No work of art, craft, or artifact displayed may be priced for sale. The artist or sponsor of the display may post a sign within the display case stating that her/his business card is available at the service desk.

  • The Library System has no insurance covering the contents of display cases or other exhibits. If the sponsoring group or individual is concerned about insurance, it must make independent arrangements.

  • The group or individual must follow all rules regarding installation and de-installation established by the Branch at which the display is mounted.

  • Groups or individuals sponsoring displays must sign a Display Reservation Form provided by the Library System stating the proposed content of the display and attesting that they understand the rules and policies governing displays.

  • Branch Managers or the Director of Libraries reserve the right to remove any display whose content does not reflect that stated in the Display Reservation Form.

  • Library reserves the right to remove displays after the month display period has ended.

Wall-Mounted Exhibits

  • All the strictures listed above apply to wall-mounted exhibits.

  • The Library System reserves the right to specify and limit the space in which wall-mounted exhibits are displayed.

  • The Library System reserves the right to form partnerships with Santa Cruz County arts organizations to select, coordinate, and manage the hanging of art exhibits.

Adopted by the Library Joint Powers Authority Board on September 10, 2001. Revised September 8, 2014.

Last updated by ann on March 6, 2017

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