Library Policies - Alcoholic Beverages


The Santa Cruz Public Libraries has an Alcoholic Beverages Policy to remain in effect on library premises.

  1. Permission to serve alcoholic beverages on library premises must be approved by the Director of Libraries, and be for a designated area only.
  2. During regular library hours, the serving of alcoholic beverages is permitted in meeting rooms and lobby areas only. Other areas may be designated when the library facility is closed.
  3. The following conditions must be satisfied before permission to serve alcoholic beverages
    will be granted:

    • The applicant must represent a local, not-for-profit group that will directly conduct and benefit from the event.
    • Permission must be requested in writing at least 21 days in advance of the proposed event.

  4. Selling alcoholic beverages further requires:

    • That an Alcoholic Beverage Control License be obtained from Alcoholic Beverage Control.
    • That the Police or Sheriff's Departments determine staffing levels required for security services. These services will be provided at the group's expense.
    • The group must demonstrate that it has complied with the requirements above.

  5. Restrictions:

    • Alcohol is not permitted at youth activity events or at public hearings, nor may alcohol be served to minors.
    • No leftover food or beverages may be left on library premises.
    • The applicant is responsible for all additional maintenance and personnel costs resulting from use of alcoholic beverages.

Review Schedule: This policy will be reviewed every three years.
Adopted: 1981
Revised: 07/97
Revised: 2/6/2012

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