Library Policies - Meeting Room


The Santa Cruz Public Library system makes its meeting rooms available for public use and neither approves or disapproves of any viewpoint expressed by meeting room users. The Library does not endorse any goods or services, makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information and assumes no liability for the quality or safety of any goods or services which may be the subject of the meetings. When the meeting rooms are not being used by the Library, the Library Joint Powers Board or the Friends of the Library, the library will open the space to all persons or groups for meetings. No group or organization will be permitted use of the room if it appears that the contemplated use would be a clear and present danger to the library, its occupants, or the community. This policy shall apply to all users of the meeting rooms.

See also: Meeting Room Procedures.

Terms of Use:

  1. The Library System and its affiliated organizations and programs have first priority for use of the meeting room. Governmental agencies have second priority and are exempt from fees for use. All other groups may reserve the meeting room space on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Groups may use rooms only for the hours booked in advance. All set-up and clean-up must be accomplished within the reserved time. Groups must return any space to the condition in which they found it unless staff requests otherwise.
  3. Groups are responsible for their own set up. Chairs, etc. must provide wheelchair access consistent with guidelines established by the American Disabilities Act. A minimum of 1-4 spaces must be saved for wheelchairs with a clear view of the speaker.
  4. Meeting rooms must be secured according to branch-specified procedures. Failure to do so may result in denial of future rental privileges.
  5. All meetings must be open to the general public. Meeting room activity calendars are posted on meeting room doors.
  6. No admission fee may be charged; no collections may be taken on the premises, no funds solicited or direct sales made except by the Library or the Friends of the Library.
  7. The City of Santa Cruz bans the use of polystyrene foam plastic products in the city facilities, including all countywide library branches. The library strongly encourages composting.
  8. Signs, posters, displays, and decorations may be put up with prior Permission from the Person in Charge.
  9. Loud talk or any use of the room that disturbs library staff or library patrons is prohibited.
  10. No group may reserve a room more than twelve times in a single calendar year.
  11. Libraries are fragrance-free facilities. No incense may be used and fire regulations prohibit the use of candles however exceptions for special events may be approved by the library director. Smoking is not permitted.
  12. The Library charges for the use of its meeting rooms. Additional fees for use of kitchenettes and equipment may apply. These charges are detailed and updated annually in the “Meeting Room Procedures” document. Specific equipment may be added or deleted during the year.
  13. Failure to cooperate with any of the rules will result in denial of future use privileges
  14. Specific procedures related to reserving and using Library meeting rooms are detailed and updated annually in the Meeting Room Procedures document.

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