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Green Golly


Green Golly Project:
Music, Creativity & Inspiration

We are so fortunate to welcome the Green Golly Project to our libraries! The Green Golly Project draws children, parents and teachers into the study and practice of music as an empowering and vital building block in the development of a child's intellect. The Green Golly Project's creators, Keith Torgan and Barbara Siesel, came upon the idea of integrating music education with reading and language arts so that teachers would be able to seamlessly include music in their daily lessons. They offer books, CD's, workshops, and performances to schools, educators, and libraries across the nation.

We hope the entire community will join us for these upcoming workshops and performances:

Will the Real Rumpelstiltskin Puleeze Stand Up!

Sunday April 22nd 1:00pm
Live Oak Library, 2380 Portola Dr.

This delightful musical story strives to answer the questions: who was Rumpelstiltskin? Did he spin and if he spun was it actually straw he was spinning? Was the king a good king or a bad king? Was the girl's father a chronic fibber or was he just a victim of his time and socioeconomic standing? Was the girl an innocent dupe and were her broken promises acceptable considering the circumstances? These seemingly complex questions will most likely go unanswered but all - young and old alike - will have a marvelous time.

Green Golly & Her Golden Flute

Sunday April 22nd 3:00pm
Downtown Library, 224 Church St.

Friday April 27th 3:00pm
Aptos Library, 7695 Soquel Dr.

Tower-trapped Green Golly (unlike Rapunzel) is so inspired by life she can't help but make music. This Parents' Choice Gold Award Winning introduction to classical music uses musical storytelling and comedy to inspire imagination, creativity and positive self-expression. Green Golly is the delightfully funny, flute playing heroine who models discipline, overcoming challenges, thinking creatively and the development of character.

Creative Aging: a workshop in renewal through creativity

Monday April 23rd 1:00pm
Scotts Valley Library, 251 Kings Village Rd.

What is the most elemental piece of the human experience? What keeps us moving forward? What makes waking up in the morning worthwhile? The ability to renew, to see things newly. One of the simplest most profound ways to renew life is via creativity. The creative aging workshop has participants look at the stories that are central to their life experience and turn them into song. Through guided imagination exercises, exploration of the senses, free writing and group collaboration we rediscover our creative urge and blossom again. Not only does this highly interactive experience assist participants in accessing their creativity it also empowers them in other areas of their lives leading them to greater awareness and satisfaction. This workshop is geared for adults.

Life in the Middle Ages: It Isn't Too Late

Friday April 27th 1:00pm
Branciforte Library, 230 Gault St.

Life in the MIDDLE Ages, is a solo musical, written and performed by Keith Torgan, about a man coming face to face with his life choices and the places they've lead. As he stands on the dividing line between middle age and the next stage his next steps are clear -- but will he take them? This musical memoir is told through stories and songs that tread tenderly, humorously and touchingly on sibling rivalry, romantic, familial and platonic love, city life, school days, family ties, money, sex and spirit.

Keith Torgan is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, author, teacher and storyteller; a multi-talented artist with more than twenty years of experience in children's music who has appeared at hundreds of theaters, cabarets, universities, museums, schools, and libraries throughout the United States. He has written a multitude of songs and is the author of all the Green Golly Project stories including the Parents' Choice Gold Award/Family Choice Award Winning Green Golly & Her Golden Flute. He has taught and lead workshops in the US at the Chicago National Flute Association Conference, the Boston Flute Academy and the San Francisco International Flute Festival and Asia in Beijing at the China Conservatory of Music and in Lanzhou at the Northwest University for Nationalities and the Northwest Normal University.

Barbara Siesel, flutist, producer, educator and entrepreneur, has pioneered the promotion of new music, new technology, and the music of women composers through her work as artistic director of Art Culture & Technology and founder and artistic director of The Storm King Music Festival. An active educator, Siesel has been on the faculty of Colby College (ME) New World School of the Arts, HS and College (FL), SUNY New Paltz and University of Bridgeport (CT). In 2004 Barbara decided to turn her attention to promoting classical music and music education for children and co- founded the Parents Choice Gold/Family Choice award winning The Green Golly Project. Siesel is a graduate of The Juilliard School with a BM and MM.

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Posted by cowend on April 12, 2018 at 12:30 a.m.



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