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Help Design the New Downtown Library


Downtown Library
Advisory Committee

The City of Santa Cruz is seeking a diverse group of seven individuals to serve as a Downtown Library Advisory Committee to help with the design of a new library. Members should be active library users or familiar with the operations of public libraries. Appointees will be selected by the Mayor.

The Project:
In 2013, the Santa Cruz Public Libraries created a Facilities Master Plan to evaluate current library structures and make recommendations for improvements. The Master Plan identified the Downtown Library as a critical resource for the entire region since it houses a number of special collections (genealogy, history and music), holds the largest print collection, and maintains the strongest patron use in the system. The Plan recommended an extensive renovation or complete replacement because of deferred maintenance, failing infrastructure and lack of accessibility in the current 44,000 square feet structure. In June 2016, voters approved Measure S, a $67 million library facilities bond measure, of which approximately $23 million is for the Downtown Branch project.

The Committee:
The Downtown Library Advisory Committee will study recently developed public library buildings, review staff input and current use, and examine the broader community's library needs. It will assist the Santa Cruz Public Libraries staff and a selected individual/firm to develop a written building program that outlines the library's space needs at its downtown branch over the next twenty years. The committee will look at the feasibility of co-locating the SCPL administrative offices on site and will evaluate the local options for the branch.

Members will be expected to attend a two-hour meeting every other week. The committee's work is expected to be completed before August 2017.

Visit the Advisory Page on the City of Santa Cruz website to view current openings and to download the application form. The application deadline is March 3, 2017

Send applications to:
City Clerk's Department
809 Center St., Room 9
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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Posted by cowend on Feb. 14, 2017 at 10:54 a.m.



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