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Total Solar Eclipse


Solar Eclipse August 21st

Stay safe while looking at the solar eclispe! Pick of a free pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses from any branch library. Glasses are available starting August 12th and are one per person while supplies last. Whether you purchase your own glasses or use ours, be sure you follow the safety instructions set forth by NASA so you don't hurt your eyes.

Check out this Interactive Map where you can enter your zip code and find out how much of the eclispe you'll be able to see from your house!

Live Stream the Eclipse

Live from Aptos: Eclipse Viewing Party
August 21 • 10am - 1pm
Aptos Library • 7695 Soquel Dr.

Not able to be in the path to fully enjoy the total solar eclipse? The Exploratorium and NASA have you covered with a free live stream of the total solar eclipse. Join the viewing party in the Aptos Meeting Room. Also, arts and craft for the kids!

Can't make it to the library? NASA TV’s Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA offers a wealth of images captured before, during, and after the eclipse by 11 spacecraft, at least three NASA aircraft, more than 50 high-altitude balloons, and the astronauts aboard the International Space Station – each offering a unique vantage point for the celestial event.

The glasses we are providing are made to conform to all safety standards, enabling users to watch the eclipse without damaging their eyes. Instructions for proper use are printed on the inside of each cardboard frame, ensuring that every wearer understands proper viewing etiquette. The glasses are CE certified, ISO approved, and independently tested to ensure they meet the demanding specification required.

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Posted by cowend on Aug. 12, 2017 at 6 a.m.



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