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Introducing 3M Cloud Library


Update! There is a new version of the 3M app for PC, Mac, and Android (as of 11/21). The new version includes:

  • Option to Check In the book
  • Email notification management
  • Library support and contact library links available in the ā€œiā€ section of the application
  • Categories view updated to stacked books
3M has also made updates to correct issues for iOS7 users -- make sure you get the latest version!

Introducing 3M Cloud Library

There's an easy new way to check out ebooks from the library! We're proud to present 3M Cloud Library.

Get reading quickly on your PC or Mac, smart phone, iPad, or eReader -- it's as easy as installing an app. There's no need to create a separate Adobe® ID -- just fill in your state (California), library (Santa Cruz Public Libraries), library card number and PIN. Click the big green button on the top right to download the app for your device.

Please note: You need to use your library card number rather than a username to log in to the 3M Cloud Library.

The best part? You can check out books on your PC, bookmark them on your Android phone, and finish reading on an iPad. Books and bookmarks are saved across platforms so it's easy to move from one device to another.

For more information and a complete list of compatible devices, see the 3M Cloud Library apps page.

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Posted by teeterj on Oct. 1, 2013 at 8:30 a.m.



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