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*The application period for this Task Force has ended*

The Library Joint Powers Board has approved a Task Force on Library Service Models and has charged the Task Force with identifying a range of future service models for the library system. Each model will define the level of services delivered and the supporting infrastructure (staff and facilities) needed. The impact (pros and cons) of each model will also be described. Each service model must be financially sustainable; aligned with revenue projections; and meet the spirit of the Library's mission and vision, as well as the Library Strategic Plan. The Task Force is comprised of ten (10) members of the public (one from each Branch service area), four (4) members of the Library Joint Powers Board, the Library Director and various staff members as appropriate. Task force members from the Board will solicit applications and select the public members. The Task Force will convene in August 2010 and will meet until January 2011 when it will deliver the Service Model Report to the Library Joint Powers Board. Beginning in August 2010, regular two-hour meetings are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 8:00am and will be held primarily at the Central Library Community Meeting Room. There may be additional meetings scheduled as needed.

Members should be prepared to devote approximately 8 to 15 hours per month plus meeting time to task force work. Tasks may include research, financial analysis, interviewing or gathering information or input from various stakeholders and sources, writing draft reports, benchmarking and comparing with other library systems, and additional tasks as necessary. Members must have access to the internet and email and be able to send and receive documents, spreadsheets, etc.

The Committee will not recommend any specific option or options to the Library Board, but will deliver a report describing a range of service models to the Board in January 2011. All service models are not expected to be supported by members of the Task Force but are developed to ensure a wide range of alternatives is brought to the Board for discussion and decision. Task Force members will participate in the identification and development of a number of alternatives. Personal opinions about various service models should not impede the member's ability to provide input on any of the alternatives.

To be considered for appointment to the Task Force, complete an application and submit by June 30, 2010 to You may need to save this file to your computer to fill it out and send it back. For more information, contact Barbara Gorson at 464-6717.

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Posted by cowend on June 14, 2010 at 4:37 p.m.



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