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NurtureShock: New Thinking about Children
by Po Bronson

NurtureShock: New Thinking about Children

Bronson discusses in detail many important issues of parenting such as the following: how children are affected by praise, IQ testing, language development, how kids are affected by loss of sleep, and teen rebellion. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific topic. The discussions are backed up by the findings of numerous scientific studies and interviews which really help to clarify and solidify the point the author is making. In the chapter entitled The Inverse Power of Praise Bronson discusses how praising children may not have the consequences parents intend. Bronson shares the details of a study that focused on how children responded to being praised on their intelligence and how they responded when praised on their effort. The results of this study were striking. The children who were praised for their intelligence didn’t do well when they were challenged with more difficult tests while the children praised for their effort fared much better.

Throughout this book, I was surprised at how often the scientific studies yielded results I wouldn’t expect. I began to think differently about many different aspects of parenting and education. I think this book offers useful information for parents and educators.

Reviewed by cockerillj on Feb 16, 2010

Get Out of My Life, but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the mall?
by Anthony Wolf

Get Out of My Life, but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the mall?

As the parent of an adult child, let me assure you that both you and your teen will survive the adolescent years. When I was where you are, I got enormous comfort and advice from the first edition of this book. I am happy to report that the second edition has been updated to fit the challenges of 21st century life with teens. There is a new chapter on electronic media, significant revisions to the chapter on drugs, and a new section about gay and lesbian teens.

Wolf offers a way of thinking about and understanding teen behavior that allows individual families to make responses based on their own child-rearing beliefs. Teens are in an intense stage of development...their bodies are changing and their brains are changing...no wonder their behavior is changing.

It is comforting to know that a lot of what you are seeing is developmental, and Wolf even helps you see that it is actually sometimes funny, too...really.

If you are looking for a foundation to build a life with your teen, this is the book for you.

Reviewed by odriscollj on Apr 26, 2009

I Just Got a Kitten. What Do I Do?
by Mordecai Siegal

I Just Got a Kitten. What Do I Do?

Having problems with your new furry ball of terror? And what about those teenage years? This book offers step-by-step instructions for raising a well-adjusted cat. It also presents many helpful tips for litter box training and kitty discipline. A must read for all new kitten owners!

Reviewed by ann on Dec 30, 2008

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