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Pathfinder: Frogs     Printable PDF Version

Frogs...Frogs...they are everywhere! Find out more about them.


  • All About Frogs
    Learn how to say "frog" in many languages. View frog art. Play some froggy games.

Santa Cruz Frogs


  • All About Frogs All About Frogs
    by Arnosky, Jim
    J 597.89 ARN
    From tadpole to frog, Jim Arnosky shows and tells kids how frogs grow and live. Big bullfrogs and tiny spring peepers, vivid tropical frogs and bronze swamp frogs spring from the pages of the book. Kids will learn why frogs can jump so far, what they eat and what eats them, the correct way to handle a frog, and how to recognize frogs by the sounds they make. And there is some information about toads, too!

  • Frogs Frogs
    by Bishop, Nic
    J 597.89 BIS
    Nic Bishop's photographs show all different kinds of frogs, big ones, very tiny ones, frogs with beautiful colors of skin, and one frog you can see inside of.

  • Slippery Slimy Baby Frogs Slippery Slimy Baby Frogs
    by Markle, Sandra
    J 597.8913 MAR
    Did you know that some frogs carry their babies in their mouths? It's true! Read all about it (and see the pictures) in this book.