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Today, we worry about global warming, but the winter of 1709 was so cold in Europe that bread froze overnight ... [Read more]

The biggest snowflake ever found measured 15 inches across and 8 inches thick. It fell on January 28, 1887, at ... [Read more]

Why do leaves change color in autumn? The short answer: chlorophyll, carotene, and anthocyanins, three pigments found in leaves. Chlorophyll ... [Read more]

Men are struck by lightning 4 times as often by women, probably because they're more likely to be outdoors handling ... [Read more]

"It reminds me of striped candy I bought as a child," said a Norwegian sailor, looking at a blue, green, ... [Read more]

What's the difference between silt, sand, and gravel? Size. Silt is a naturally occurring granular material .004mm-.0625mm; sand grains are ... [Read more]