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"Gobi Desert" means..."Desert Desert." When Swedish explorer Sven Hedin asked the native Mongols what they called the arid area around ... [Read more]

If you can't figure out how to pronounce Jon Scieszka's name, you're not alone. Help's available!

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After the Boston Tea Party led to a shortage of imported tea in the young United States, thirsty Americans followed ... [Read more]

What do you call the dry, winged seed pods that get blown off a maple tree? Scientifically, they're known as ... [Read more]

In the 19th century, Russian settlers along the coast north of San Francisco turned the Indian name of the chief ... [Read more]

What's the origin of the word "vampire"? Depending on where you look it up, it comes from French, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, ... [Read more]