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Researchers have outfitted songbirds with tiny geolocator backpacks that record the birds' migration patterns. The big surprise? the birds ... [Read more]

Scientists have confirmed that male Dyaks, Malaysian fruit bats, can produce milk. So far, they haven't seen a male Dyak ... [Read more]

Why is silk expensive? It takes about 1700 cocoons (about a pound of silk) to make one dress. To get ... [Read more]

To be a better driver, learn from the ants. "They never get stuck in traffic'" says an entomologist. "We should ... [Read more]

Gila monsters have thick tails that grow thicker after meals because that's where they store fat. These lizards have been ... [Read more]

After the Boston Tea Party led to a shortage of imported tea in the young United States, thirsty Americans followed ... [Read more]

Some termites communicate the size of the wood they are feeding on by knocks, bumps, clicks, and wiggles. If they ... [Read more]

Believe it or not, Mickey Mouse started his career as a rabbit--in 1927 as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, to be ... [Read more]

Scientists have discovered that baby crocodiles call out from inside their eggs, allowing neighboring babies to synchronize their hatching. Mother ... [Read more]

The next great improvement in CD & DVD technology may come from the eye of a shrimp. In addition to ... [Read more]

The relationship between ants and aphids has long been seen as mutually beneficial: the ants protect aphids from predators such ... [Read more]

A tiny worm can turn ants into berries. Well, not exactly; but scientists working in a Central American rainforest discovered ... [Read more]