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Secret Formula: Heroine (Judith Parker) in a Tree

Secret Formula: Heroine (Judith Parker) in a Tree

Scene from the film, "The Secret Formula." The Evening News did not mind giving away part of the ending:


La Petite Film Company's first effort entitled The Secret Formula' was presented last night at the Jewel Theater. The house was packed for both shows, and every one was pleased with the production. The picture by the local company was given in addition to the regular program, and has its meritorious points. Clarence Roney and Miss Judith Parker did especially well in their parts and the photography was above the average. "The Secret Formula" is a cleverly constructed story and ends happily after several very dramatic episodes. Miss Parker makes a leap from a tree just before the final climax which carries a good thrill with it."
Santa Cruz Evening News, August 16, 1916. p. 5.

Source: This photograph is from the Barbara Giffen collection in the History Archives, Museum of Art and History at the McPherson Center, Santa Cruz, California. It is the property of the Museum of Art and History and may not be used in any way without the express permission of the owner. Used here with permission.

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