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Hands Across the Sea: Film Set at Natural Bridges

Hands Across the Sea: Film Set at Natural Bridges

Stage set under construction at Moore's Beach (Natural Bridges State Park.) The Evening News reported:

"James Carl, who has been in the motion picture business since its infancy, on the technical end, will be the technical director of the production. He was busy with a crew of five men yesterday building palm trees and other sets for the Tahitian village that will be constructed at Moore's Beach for the main exteriors of the picture. The largest palm "trees" will be 50 and 60 feet high and are built of plain lathe, constructed on a cantilever principle so that they will sway in the wind but will not be destroyed."
Santa Cruz Evening News, January 15, 1923, p.4

"Meanwhile at Moore's Beach work has been going on in the erection of the thatched huts and houses forming the South Sea settlement that figures prominently in the story. Scores of persons visited the spot on the Cliff Drive yesterday, attracted by the framework of the four or five structures already erected, the big kettle drum and the work on the pirates' cave. The selected location against the sloping sand cliff on the east side of the beach for the village with a wide area of sand in front of the structures for the three score of natives to carry out their dances is an ideal spot for the camera man to get some wonderful effects. Actual shooting of scenes at Moore's Beach will probably start the latter part of this week."
Santa Cruz Evening News, February 5, 1923, p.8

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