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Studio photo of Beatriz Michelena

Studio photo of Beatriz Michelena

Beatriz Michelena was the head of the California Motion Picture Corporation. She and her company made several films in Santa Cruz County, including "Salomy Jane" (1914), "The Lily of Poverty Flat" (1915), "A Phyllis of the Sierra" (1915), and "Just Squaw" (1917). Josephine McCrackin wrote of her:

"Daughter of a renowned tenor of San Francisco's pioneer days, herself a prima donna with an assured place on the modern operatic stage, a girl with a wealth of artistic tradition behind her, Miss Michelena's gifts do not stop there. She has rare beauty, vivacity, wit, intellectual attainments and athletic grace."
'Bret Harte in the Movies,' "Overland Monthly", June 1915. p. 496

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