Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Evening Edition. March 26, 1943. p. 1


With the advent of the salmon fishing season, about 15 Santa Cruz fishermen will be affected by the federal regulation which requires that an alien fisherman have a crew which is at least 50 per cent citizen aboard his boat before he may go out to sea.

This means that a fisherman, if an alien, may not go after salmon and albacore by himself. He must have someone who is a citizen aboard.

It is pointed out that this situation will probably mean a sharp reduction in the take of both salmon and albacore since the fishing industry, like most others, has been hard hit by shortage of men. The fishermen are especially hard hit since most of them have sons who are native-born and who are fishermen but who are serving in the army, navy or marines.

One Santa Cruz fisherman, an alien, but who has been working for his citizenship papers, is probably typical of the 125 who are affected by the alien regulations. He has three sons, all associated with him in the fishing business in peacetime, but all three are now fighting for Uncle Sam. Thus he has lost his sons for the duration and under the alien regulation is greatly handicapped in his fishing operations by himself.

It is pointed out that each fisherman during the salmon season will bring in a average of from 1,000 to 2000 pounds per day, or will average from 3000 to 4000 pounds of albacore per day. This will largely be lost to the food production program unless the government can be prevailed upon to permit some system of vouching for fishermen who do not yet have their papers but are, in some cases, third generation residents.

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