Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

Full Text Newspaper ArticleWatsonville Register-Pajaronian. Nov. 23, 1942. p. 1



Posten, Ariz. (UP) - W. Wade Head, director of the Colorado River relocation center here, said Monday the general strike among Japanese evacuees which had been in progress since Wednesday, Nov. 18, was ended, although army troops still patrolled one large unit of the camp.

Head said the disturbance arose following a protest over the arrest of two evacuees charged with the deadly assault of a third evacuee.

The picture Monday, according to Norris James, press and intelligence officer at the camp, was that workers had returned to their jobs from the general strike which had been in progress since last Wednesday, but that army troops were still patrolling unit one of the large camp.

Head said a "small but well-organized pro-axis group" had taken advantage of the situation to seize control of the largest of the three Poston housing units and create the strike. He said leaders of the group were "known to federal officers and relocation center authorities."

"The walkout affected 6500 evacuees and the strategy of the pro-axis group was to attempt to destroy the Americanism of the American-born group. In this they have failed, because heads of units containing a total of 9000 of the camp's population had the situation under control at all times and cooperated fully with the officials of the camp and federal officers."

"Officers of the U.S. army, the federal, state and county governments, as well as patriotic American-born Japanese, worked together as a team to break this pro-axis group without bloodshed or loss of property," Head said.

(Officials of the camp said some of the strikers were American-born, although they were said to be a very small minority of the alleged pro-axis group.)

Head commended highly the patriotism of loyal American-born Japanese evacuees in aiding to break the strike.

(Most of the Japanese who formerly lived in the Pajaro valley are at Poston.)

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