Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Evening Edition. April 27, 1942. p. 5


Evacuation of all Japanese and Japanese-Americans from Santa Cruz County means that all Japanese farm operations in the area must be transferred to new operators within the next five days, it was announced today by Myron C. Frane, special field agent at the Army's Wartime Civilian Control Administration "service center" at the U. S. Employment Service office, 21 West Lake avenue, Watsonville.

"Although some 113 Japanese farms have been transferred to new operators in the past few weeks, the order for immediate evacuation of Japanese and Japanese-Americans in this area means that we must immediately find new operators for 12 farms, totaling 122 acres," Mr. Frane said.

"This is an opportunity to contribute a patriotic service to the nation by keeping this essential agricultural land in production. We want every experienced farmer interested in taking over some of the Japanese operations to report to us immediately.


"We will bring them in contact with the Japanese operators and help them make arrangements to take the operations over. Farmers may make their own arrangements with the present operators, but the Army has requested that all deals clear through us before being closed."

Farms which must be immediately purchased or leased by new operators include farms growing strawberries, garlic, and open land. They vary in size from 3 to 25 acres.

"If operators are of proven competence and are ready to keep this vital land in production of war crops, we will help them get credit," Mr Frane said. "All private lending agencies have been requested to give immediate priority to such loan applications, as have all Farm Credit Administration agencies.

If experienced operators are unable to obtain credit elsewhere, we may be able to make them special Farm Security Administration loans, provided they have secure tenure and are protected against foreclosure or judgments.

Mr. Frane said that a special evacuation control unit of the Farm Security Administration, headed by S. C. Perry was working at the civil control station where Japanese are reporting. The evacuation crew is listing all untransferred land.

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