Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Evening Edition. Feb. 13, 1942. p. 1


Joseph Jacoby, prominent local realtor and head of the county realty board, today refuted statements of local alien representatives that those families forced to move from this prohibited area are being subjected to rent profiteering.

In a scathing statement aimed at such claims, which had said rents were being increased and that some landlords were maintaining a "traffic will bear" policy, Jacoby today cited numerous examples in which realtors have been unfairly treated by aliens or their representatives.


"There are innumerable homes here of the low-income bracket into which these families could move," he declared. "They are being treated as fairly and squarely as possible by all realtors. I see no basis for any complaints."

"On the other hand," he cited, "incidents have been reported to me whereby people were interested and the owner came and waited about two hours to see them, only to find the Italians had decided the house was too big.

"In another case the Italian wanted the realtor to be sure to hold the house until next day, when he was to come and pay the rent. Then he never returned. In another the Italian paid a month's rent, then his daughter-in-law returned the next day to say they didn't want the home and demanded return of the money, which was returned.

"In still another," he continued, "the Italian paid $5 deposit, then came back to say he didn't want the house--with renting days having passed--and received his money back. This happened in two instances. In still another, the Italians made an appointment to view the house, then never showed up because the rent was too high."

"There are plenty of homes at the right income bracket," he said.

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