Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Sept. 29, 1928. p. 5


Redwoods in the Big Basin will be used as motion picture backgrounds today by Wallace Fox, director of the FBO production, "The Amazing Vagabond," which, starring Bob Steele, is being filmed in the country adjacent to Santa Cruz.

Buildings surrounding the warden's headquarters will be employed for numerous scenes while the big trees of the basin will serve as the locale of much of the most important action of the story. In the film, Steele is shown as a city youth whose father sends him to the timber country in the hope that virile atmosphere will bring him to a man's estate.

The FBO Company completed "shooting" at the Glenwood location yesterday, having been favored with perfect sunshine during the length of the day. An initial attempt to photograph among the redwoods in the Big Basin on Wednesday proved futile on account of continued cloudiness.

Virgil Miller, chief cinematographer of the picture, stated last night that he hoped to bring superlative photography out of the Big Basin today. Many particularly choice angles were spotted by Miller and Director Wallace Fox during the course of the location hunting trip which they made around the Big Basin before the major portion of the FBO unit came to the city.

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