Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Dec. 16, 1927. p. 1


Santa Cruz' magic environs are again to serve the movie makers. According to R. E. "Duke" Goux, advance man and business manager for the group, a Fox Film Co. troupe numbering 30 people will arrive in this city Saturday morning from Hollywood. Four or five days will be required to make the necessary "location shots."

Madge Bellamy, known and loved by movie fans the world over, returns to the scene of several of her earlier successes, as star of a new photoplay so far untitled.

Jim Tingling, a new and rising young director, will handle the megaphone. Other principles on the cast of players coming tomorrow are Mary Duncan, John Mack Brown and Johnny Dugan.

Manager Goux made many friends here in 1925 as manager of the Schertzinger group filming "Thunder Mountain." Coincidentally Miss Bellamy played a featured role in this same photoplay.

"Duke" Goux arrived here on Thursday and immediately scoured the locality for suitable settings in company with John Mowry, local auto rent man. Little difficulty was experienced in securing satisfactory sites for filming of scenes for the coming photoplay attraction.

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