Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. April 14, 1928. p. 3


by Preston Sawyer

Much in evidence day by day, the large Fox Motion Picture Company now engaged in filming the Lionel Barrymore production, "Roadhouse," in and about this city, is making excellent progress on the play. Every day since their arrival last Sunday, the group of celluloidians have been a center of attraction for many local fans and other interested onlookers, as they have engaged in the filming of numerous scenes both in the business and residential districts, as well as at the county hospital, which has for picture purposes become a reform school.

Director Richard ("Dick") Rosson and Business Manager Clay Crapnell head a group of approximately 60 people, made up of stars, cast, staff and technicians.

The indispensable camera crew attached to the Fox unit now here is headed by George Schneidermann, a true master photographer of the cinema. To his credit is the photographing of numerous of the screen's really great productions, prominent among which is "The Iron Horse." Ted Marshall presides at second camera, with Jack Koffman assisting both.

Park Frame and Frank Deitman are assistant directors working with "Dick" Rosson. Aiding and abetting the directorial staff, Dean Markham, humorist, and his dog, "Sandy," the Fox mascot, are daily to be found on location.

Hawaiian Artists Here

None other than Sol Hoopii and his musical Hawaiians are here in the capacity of musicians of the company. To them is given the job of enhancing the artistry of Barrymore and his supporting players as they emotionalize in the many dramatic scenes being filmed. Music furnishes a part of that indefinable something which is missing for the movie actor, but prevails behind theatrical footlights. There is no audience to "feel" when a player faces a battery of cameras flanked by arcs, spots and reflectors. Sol and his boys from the isles of Hawaii are not unknown here. Every radio fan has heard the Hoopii trio over KFWB, KHJ and other southern radio stations. These boys are recording artists as well.

Prominent upon the cast of characters in support of Lionel Barrymore and the sensational senorita from Spain, Maria Casajuana, are Warren Burke, new juvenile find, recently signed on a long term contract; Julia Swayne Gordon, known to all the older movie fans who particularly remember her in the old-time Vitagraph pictures; Tempe Piggott, here two years ago in "Pigs"; Florence Allen, Jane Keckley, Ed Clayton, Lewis Sargent, Al Hill, Jack Okey.

Charles Pierce is makeup expert and adviser. Mrs. Bauer serves as interpreter for the Misses Casajuana--the sister of the feminine lead being here also.

Claire Bremer, script clerk, and Tanny Johnson, publicity writer, were both here a month ago with the Tinling unit filming "Don't Marry."

Tom Rosenberger and Duke Abrams have charge of properties.

It is likely the unit now at work here will have finished and departed for their southern California headquarters by tomorrow.

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