Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. May 23, 1928. p. 4


Dolores Costello, George O'Brien and other members of the Warner Bros. production unit, here under the direction of Michael Curtiz, for the purpose of filming sunrise scenes for the great super-production, "Noah's Ark," departed their hotels at an early hour this morning bound for Big Basin.

This active unit has put in two busy days on location work and today gives promise of being another lively one with them. Director Curtiz is working like a man inspired with his great task and his players and staff seem fused with the same spirit. "Noah's Ark" is a stupendous production and one of the most ambitious and expensive endeavors to date of the Warner productions.

O'Briens Here

Chief Dan J. O'Brien of the San Francisco Police Department, accompanied by Mrs. O'Brien, arrived here early Tuesday and is at Hotel St. George. Chief and Mrs. O'Brien are greatly enjoying a short visit with their illustrious son, George, and were yesterday on location with the movie company at Big Basin.

Fox People Active

After an uncommonly long period of dull weather, Old Sol is again on the job and the Fox "Farmer's Daughter" company has been completing the filming of picnic scenes at Isbel Grove.

On Tuesday a group of high school girls, under the leadership of Miss Dorothy Wing appeared before the Fox cameras for a bathing girl sequence, filmed at Isbel Grove. The local film beauties who were film queens for a day were: Mary Lou Campbell, Nevada Peck, Mary Ann Stevens, Helen Gray, Audrey Brown, Clara Huff, Marjorie Leibbrandt, Marjorie Zuckswert, Mary Binley and Betty Penoyar.

"Orchestra" Leaves

Four of the Fox players who were prominent as the old-fashioned orchestra in the picnic dance platform scenes on Sunday, returned last night to Hollywood--Paul Wismer, Al Fisher, Ned Gleason and Dad Seymour.

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