Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. March 13, 1928. p. 1


by Preston Sawyer

Hollywood and the movie makers are well represented here once again--this time by a contingent of 48 people, made up of directorial staff, cast, cameramen and a multitude of co-workers and assistants, from the Fox Films studios in the movie center.

The large unit arrived on Sunday, and has taken the city by storm, making headquarters at Hotel St. George with Director Jim Tinling and Ed O'Fearna, business manager in charge.

Prominent upon the cast of "Don't Marry," the new comedy drama now in production, are Lois Moran and Neil Hamilton, Henry Kolker, Claire McDowell, Lydia Dickson, Don Mackay.

Scenes are being shot on and about the Golf Links and Bob Jones property. Work here is expected to require a week or ten days.

Director Jim Tinling, who is not a stranger to this city, having shot exteriors here for "Soft Living" with Madge Bellamy, last December, yesterday expressed gratification at finding it possible to return to this locality so soon again, for, as he puts it, "We find settings and atmosphere here to be ideal for picture work and the spirit of congeniality and cooperation is wonderful, making work here a pleasure.

Joe August, chief cameraman, who first came to this region with William S. Hart in the days gone by, has long been sold on the advantages and scenic benefits to be found here. Joe Keeley is in charge of second camera, while Jim Gordon is their assistant.

Jovial Joe Delfino is back! He of "Props" fame was last here with the Schertzinger unit a few years ago, filming "Thunder Mountain," Harold Jones assisting him.

Claire Breamer is in charge of the script; Miss Tommy Johnson in charge of publicity.

Assisting Director Tinling are R. L. Selander and Don Short.

Lois Moran, star, is accompanied by her mother. Mrs. Henry Kolker, Mrs. Jim Tinling, Mrs. Sid Lanfield (Shirley Mason) are also here.

Peggy Chrisman is hairdresser for the feminine members of the unit. In charge of wardrobe is Enid Keating.

Wm. Kernel and Sid Lanfield are authors of the story now being filmed and both are daily on location.

Two Bills--Norris and Campbell, are respectively, grip and a. g.--meaning assistant grip. Music? Yes, every well-ordered location unit as well as studio group, carries musicians. Here to aid the emotions of the present guests of Santa Cruz are Scott Bradley, organist and Lou Gearen, violinist.

Cy Adams (who has been here so many times on location he feels like a true Santa Cruzan), is head electrician par excellence and his husky crew includes Fred Hall, E. Rike and C. Smith.

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