Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Sept. 15, 1925. p. 5


As forecast exclusively in The News of several weeks ago the big Renaud-Hoffman motion picture producing unit, starring the great German Police Dog, "Thunder," in dramas of the outdoors, is arriving in Santa Cruz during today and tomorrow, to remain four weeks for the filming in its entirety of "The Phantom of the Forest," starring the wonder dog.

The party of thirty players and technical staff have reservations at the St. George Hotel. Henry McCarty, director of the production; Glenn Belt, assistant director, and Ray June, camera man, are already in the city and spent all of today in company with John Mowry of the Santa Cruz Taxicab Company in selecting suitable filming locations along the Big Tree Road and in the Big Basin.

A large portion of the company arrived at the St. George last night, while a sizeable contingent are marked for arrival later on the reservation book.

Elaborate preparations are in process of formation for the housing of the canine star of the production.

Bob Jones, hosteler, promises the most sumptuous special, typically Thunderesque, quarters for the priceless dog that one can imagine. Accompanying Thunder to Santa Cruz are several other police dogs,--one a "double" and the others in the supporting cast,--and all registered in Hollywood Dogdom's blue book.

Director McCarty explains that his company will film even its interiors in this locality,--having in hand a finished product on leaving for Hollywood headquarters.

Among well-known names included in the "Thunder" cast are noted those of Betty Francisco, ingenue lead, Barbara Tennant, Jack Little and A. B. Tower.

Some others in the personnel are: Bert Clark, Elmer Fryer, Don Diggins, Eddie Phillips, Jos. Mason, George Green, William O'Connor, Robert Wagner and Frank Davis.

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