Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Nov. 13, 1925. p. 3


by J. P. L.

Sunny skies and perfect photographic conditions cheered Director Irving Cummings, staff and cast of Fox's big "Johnstown Flood" company when, at eight o'clock this morning, they embarked in seven automobiles furnished by the Santa Cruz Cab Company for the first day's actual location work on the Empire Grade, at a site about four miles beyond the old city reservoir.

At the latter location the force of twelve Fox carpenters and engineers working for the past week have prepared and completed an Alleghany farmyard and cabin scene,--the mountain home of Anne Burger (Janet Gaynor) and Joe Burger (Paul Panzer). Here all of today's action was filmed. Tomorrow, in eleven of the Santa Cruz Cab Company's automobiles, practically the entire technical staff and cast will work in the immediate vicinity of Bonny Doon.

We again talked with Florence Gilbert. She didn't work today, but visited, at Director Cummings request, location. Returning, she expressed herself as thrilled beyond measure at the beauties of Santa Cruz's mountains. Miss Gilbert radiates freshness and energy, and, as she explains, gets particular enjoyment out of her Santa Cruz visit because she appreciates especially the beauties of nature done in "gobs of greatness," as found here.

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