Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. July 17, 1925. p. 8


by J. P. L.

William Jennings Bryan may have taken juice from grapes but it remains for Joe Delfino to take water from a watermelon.

Joe, we should all know by now, is the very resourceful master of properties with the Victor Schertzinger "Thunder Mountain" troupe of the Fox Film Corporation now sojourning in our midst--as the fancy writers would say. In other words Joe is a man of parts.

Wednesday's action took place in the vicinity of the set known as "Jim's Cabin" near the Bob Jones residence above the golf links and featured a fight between Leslie Fenton (lead, accused of murdering Si Pace) and Arthur Housman, leader of the Givens Brothers gang.

The struggle, destined to go down in picture annals as one of the most realistic yet enacted for the celluloid, called for the clothes and bodies of the participants to appear wet with perspiration. The weather, true provoked a fair amount of the beaded drops--but water was needed.

A messenger was dispatched to the country club in the role of water carrier--but the distance was too great--the time to be consumed on the errand necessarily considerable. Valuable time was being lost and the sun was going. Joe Delfino stroked the trick derby and it wouldn't work.

Then the bright idea came.

Aha! hadn't the troupe lunched on watermelon? Joe immediately began a roundup of the rinds of the juicy fruit,--after which, with the aid of boards, they were pressed. Simple matter. Plenty of water.

Leslie and Arthur were thereupon suitably sprayed and the cameras clicked again.

Bud Geary, juvenile lead with the Schertzinger troupe, is today receiving great gobs of congratulations on the birth of a son to Mrs. Geary in Hollywood late Tuesday night. Art Housman, after tendering nice words, called the sympathy of the troupe down upon himself. For is he not Bud's roommate at the St. George and did not long and hectic long distancing between Hollywood and Santa Cruz Tuesday night and away into the Wednesday morning hours deprive him of one entire night's sleep?

No further rattlesnakes had been reported up to the time of this writing.

Miss Peggy McCall, be it said, is the very efficient publicity manageress of the Schertzinger troupe, of whom to which we have not as yet up to and including the present outburst been introduced.

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