Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. June 30, 1925. p. 2


"Sam's Cabin," a reconstructed set located above the golf links in close proximity to the Bob Jones residence, was the scene yesterday and today of the activities of the Victor Schertzinger Company of the Fox Film Corporation in filming "Thunder Mountain." Here, to the strains of a two-piece orchestra, organ and violin, some of the most tense emotional moments of the Kentucky hill drama have been laid. Music is a necessary aid to the best "emoting."

Larry Fisher, an interesting personage, came in for a short interview yesterday. As previously chronicled Larry is one of the screen's better known "heavies," and in the present film is cast with Arthur Housman as one of the leaders of the villainous Givens brothers gang.

With the others of the troupe he speaks enthusiastically of our scenery--its variety and so forth, our "perfect climatic conditions" and that sort of thing, and comments nicely upon hospitality shown him by the townsfolk. In fact, he volunteered, was it not for his Santa Cruz stay being only a month in duration, he would join the Chamber of Commerce.

He has just completed a tensely dramatic role in the highly touted "Winds Of Chance," with Frank Lloyd, a First National production to be released in August. Much of the action of the latter takes place in Truckee, where a $32,000 set of a Dawson street was erected. The early morning hours--just before sunrise--saw much of the action here.

Mr. Fisher was also the heavy in Jackie Coogan's famous "Long Live The King." Remember the spy? Again, he was leading heavy in "Brothers Under The Skin," a Goldwyn special. He has also recently completed the picturesque role of a junkman in a film starring Henry Walthall and J. Frank Macdonald of "Iron Horse" fame in a production using the working title of "King Of The Turf"--to be released under another name. Completing the present Schertzinger picture, Mr. Fisher will play again with Frank Lloyd in "The Splendid Road," a McCall magazine story of the '49 gold rush.

Appears to be quite a busy man.

Miss Madge Bellamy, playing the leading feminine role with ZaSu Pitts, in the new production, arrived yesterday and with her mother, Mrs A. D. Philpot, registered at the St. George Hotel. Otis Harlan, ex-musical comedy star, now a widely and favorably known film star, also registered at the uptown hostelry yesterday. Today and tomorrow will see the arrival of Paul Panzer, Emily Fitzroy and Dan Mason.

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