Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. May 4, 1923. p. 6


Excellent progress is being made on the filming of "Salomy Jane," in the Boulder Creek-Big Basin country for the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, and according to present opinion work will be completed by Sunday.

The large staff of electricians and a number of players who have completed their work, have already returned to the southern studios.

George Melford, the director, has been suffering a severe attack of neuritis the past two days, delaying production activities to a certain extent.

The company, as a whole, has become captivated by the beauties of the region in which they are working, and the expression of Waldemar Young, eminent scenario writer here with the organization, "This is the country God remembered!" but echoes the sentiment of all the others.

"Rushes," or portions of the film already completed, that have been shown at Ben Lomond Hall for the staff and members of the company, have given general satisfaction, showing a richness of atmospheric conditions, which together with the exquisite scenery of the region will produce a photoplay of rare beauty.

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