Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Aug. 14, 1923. p. 2


The first showing of the first "Lightning Comedy," a made-in-Santa Cruz film by the company which has been operating at the beach for the past several months, was enjoyed by members of the cast and a few selected critics at the New Santa Cruz Theater last night. The picture was run about 11:15, after the last regular show at the theater.

In its present form it is a three-reeler, and will be cut before it is put onto the regular circuit to two reels. Those who had the pleasure of seeing it last night pronounce it a work of excellent photography, with plenty of action, plenty of laughs, and clever and original situations.

It was of course of particular interest to the little group of previewers last night, with its familiar settings of beach scenes, Arch Rock, the Casa del Rey, Cottage City and other points of interest, and will serve as good Santa Cruz advertising when the completed film is sent broadcast.

The company has been working quietly at the beach, asking no favors, bonus or community aid, and too few people have realized that Santa Cruz has a real "movie outfit" in its midst which promises to win its fair share of fame in the motion picture world.

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