Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Feb. 17, 1923. p. 10


Scenes at the South Sea village erected at Moore's Beach are being filmed daily now by the Santa Cruz Productions Company, directed by R. W. Bruce.

Fifteen or twenty South Sea natives, dressed in native garb, brightly hued, have been employed for the past two days in giving atmosphere to the village life. Hundreds of Santa Cruzans in automobiles and on foot have been attracted to the scene to watch the work of the company which is most interesting. Earl Metcalf and Myrtle Lind, leading man and leading lady, were shot in several "desert island" scenes yesterday.

Mr. Carle, technical director, and Mr. Bruce consider the Moore's Beach location as ideal for South Sea sets.

The film showing the recent work of the company on board an old barkentine in San Francisco harbor was reviewed at the New Santa Cruz Theater Thursday night after the last show and was pronounced as great "sea stuff." Both the day and night scenes were full of action and well done and the photography perfect.

The filming of the present picture is about finished and will be cut and titled and reviewed in Los Angeles next week.

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