Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Jan. 15, 1923. p. 4


Myrtle Lind, famous as Mack Sennett's leading bathing girl beauty for a series of seasons, will be the leading lady in the South Sea island picture now being made by Santa Cruz Productions under the direction of R. W. Bruce here. Miss Lind has just finished a picture for Goldwyn. Fay Lamport, who played opposite Mary Pickford in "Daddy Longlegs," will have an important part in the picture. James Carl, who has been in the motion picture business since its infancy, on the technical end, will be the technical director of the production. He was busy with a crew of five men yesterday building palm trees and other sets for the Tahitian village that will be constructed at Moore's Beach for the main exteriors of the picture. The largest palm "trees" will be 50 and 60 feet high and are built of plain lathe, constructed on a cantilever principle so that they will sway in the wind but will not be destroyed.

Anyone in Santa Cruz who has palm leaves or the bark from palm trees to spare can dispose of them by advising Mr. Carl at the Boardwalk. Transportation will be provided to cart away the leaves and bark from any address.

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