Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Oct. 10, 1923. p. 1


A premature explosion which occurred in one of the scenes which was being filmed in the Fox film on location near Ben Lomond just before noon today temporarily interrupted the filming of the play and resulted in injuries to Tom Mix and his wonder horse, Tony.

With the scene all set and the actors in play a sudden flash and roar sent splinters of rock flying and the actor, who was near the planted explosives, suffered from the effects of the rock and swirling gravel.

Tom Mix was not seriously, although painfully wounded, and it is not known yet how seriously Tony was injured.

The actor was brought to Santa Cruz this afternoon for examination of his hurts and the damage to Tony will be ascertained as soon as a veterinary can be rushed to the scene.

Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz County Sentinel. Reproduced by permission.