Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. March 20, 1923. p. 4


Colleen Moore, as Mercy Boone in "Broken Chains," which closes a successful engagement at the Unique Theater tonight, attains new laurels as an emotional actress. Her work is thoroughly convincing during the difficult sequences, especially those in the cabin of Boykan Boone (Ernest Torrence), her renegade husband, when, chained by an ankle to a cleat on the floor, she witnesses the life and death struggle between Boone and Ted Wyndham (Malcolm MacGregor).

In her frenzied attempts to render assistance to Wyndham, whom she has learned to love because he has spoken to her with kindness and shown her the way to happiness, a gripping dramatic climax is reached. Ernest Torrence excels as the over-bearing thief, Boone--a role similar to that in which he first attained wide attention, the role of Luke Hatburn in "Tol'able David," with Richard Barthelmess.

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