Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Sept. 10, 1920. p. 5


House Peters and his coterie of film stars were off for the Big Trees at an early hour this morning to finish shooting a few romantic woodland and river scenes before going elsewhere to finish up a few other scenes that will figure in Mr. Peters' latest dramatic effort on the screen. Just before hopping into Harry West's seven passenger overland flyer, the famous film star incidentally remarked to a News man that Santa Cruz was a fine little place, which is true, with the exception that he should have used the Los Angeles expression and said "Our city." Before drifting into port Peters was in Watsonville, the morning before his arrival here, where he wandered into an ice cream parlor and was mistaken for a knight of the grip when he unceremoniously asked for a nip of White Rock. The surprised clerk averred that he was out looking for business and there was nothing doing. "What do you mean?" exclaimed Peters in surprise. With no reply forthcoming, the movie star moved a little farther down the line, entered a place with folding doors, and stepping up to the irrigating counter again popped the question of White Rock. Peters emphasized his order by laying a piece of real money on the mahogany, whereupon the chief tiller in charge flashed up a bottle, accompanied by a glass, letting Peters help himself, and the latter took his chance and is still commenting on the California brand of White Rock compared with the article that gushes forth from the virgin soil of Michigan.

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