Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Nov. 29, 1920. p. 2


"The One Way Trail," with Miss Edith Sterling in the title role, the scenes for which were taken exclusively in Santa Cruz county in the vicinity of Aptos, again served to add spectacular touch to a play, the plot of which is laid in the great northwest country of Canada, and is even set off to the extent of the cast being composed of several mounted Canadian police that always provide more or less excitement in a play along melodramatic lines. Manufacturing scenes for the real Canadian article right in our own backyard is a new innovation and to any one not familiar with the real article could not have told the difference.

The scenes filmed were clear, beautiful, romantic, and above all, harmoniously picturesque for the nature of the play. The filmed features included scenes in Aptos as well as on the Spreckels Ranch, including both the wooded and improved rolling lands. Other scenes were those of timber, trails and rural cabins. The most spectacular and natural scenes were those taken at the Loma Prieta mill, showing actual milling and logging operations, as well as railroad operations. If the scenes shown on the screen could be advertised as taken in Santa Cruz, the sunny south would be sure to lose some of its reputation as a movie wonderland.

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