Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Oct. 9, 1919. p. 5


The Edythe Sterling Company is spending a full month here. Leon T. Osborne, producer, with three companies at work most of the time, is carrying out a picture which is being taken exclusively in territory reached from Santa Cruz. Each day the start is made from the St. George. The company goes to Aptos, thence three and one-half miles up in the hills to the mill of the Loma Prieta Lumber Company by handcar, and on another equal distance by logging train to the camp. Further still by horseback, and finally on foot. All that effort to get in the virgin timber, and they feel well repaid by the wonderful scenes they are able to film.

They are also doing work on the Spreckels Ranch, through the courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Ferris. Next Sunday a street scene will be taken in Aptos. There have been several minor accidents during the course of the work. One day Miss Sterling caught on a stick while swimming the pond, injuring herself so severely that she fainted. Mr. Osborne expresses himself as delighted with Santa Cruz and her people. Everywhere he has met with courtesy and assistance in the prosecution of his work. This is the first company, to cite one instance, ever allowed the privileges of the Loma Prieta territory by Manager H. F. Bassett. Mr. Osborne feels that there is a great future for Santa Cruz in this business. It has wonderful settings within reaching distance. The only thing is to get the really responsible companies here.

He has Baby Marie Osborne at the head of another company. She is not busy just now, so is guest of this company. This seven-year-old child is star in five-reel comedy dramas. She travels with her own governess.

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