Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. Oct. 3, 1917. p. 3


George Beban Will Be the Star of the Play

Van Maurize Zimmerman arrived at Casa del Rey this morning from Los Angeles. He is director of locations for the Laskey Studios. Mr. Zimmerman will have here next week fifty movie actors, led by that prince of movie stars, George Beban, who excels in Italian plays. Beban is a native Californian and those who have seen Beban in the Italian, the alien and the many other plays will want to see this man in person. The actor who can depict more by expression than any other who appears on the movie films.

Mr. Zimmerman says the company of 50, including about 12 principals, will leave Los Angeles Sunday night and arrive here Monday morning. The play presented will be "The Jewel Of Strong Heart." They come here for a logging camp, saw mill and woods scene and the greater part will be put on at the San Vicente logging camp and at Gregory Heights.

Beban was the star two evenings last week at the Unique, appearing in "The Cook Of Saw Dust Camp," and he wonderfully portrayed his part of a French-Canadian cook.

Mr. Zimmerman hopes to have Mary Pickford and company here shortly for a part of the film of "Stella Maurice." Mr. Zimmerman selected the locations here for Jack Pickford and Marie Huff in "Freckles" and Mary Pickford in the "Romance Of The Redwoods."

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