Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. May 16, 1917. p. 4


Another moving picture company is coming to this city within the next day or two to stage a southern story and exterior scenes about Santa Cruz will be taken. The star for this picture is the well known screen actress, Mary Miles Minter, one of the daintiest little queens of the movie world, and with her will be 26 players of the big Mutual Corporation. Amos Roff, a Santa Cruz young man, is connected with the location department of this film corporation and it was through him that this city was chosen for the very scenes that are desired.

It is also said that Mary Pickford and the players taking part with her in the Lasky productions will again be in Santa Cruz in the very near future to film another picture story.

Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Reproduced by permission.