Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Oct. 20, 1917. p. 4


This morning Dorothy Dalton and Thurston Hall, world famous movie favorites, will arrive from Los Angeles and proceed to the Ben Lomond district, where Thomas H. Ince is about to produce an Artcraft production of the early days in California. Miss Dalton is known to all in "The Flame of the Yukon."

Incidentally, as reference to the "Sentinel" want columns will show, there is an opportunity for ten pioneers (must sport beards) to appear in the film, and ten women also are desired who can depict the supposititious severe New England woman of half a century ago.

Lastly, whisper it softly, there is an opportunity for a young woman who can play with realistic fidelity the part of a dance hall girl in the days of gold, when women were scarcer than hen's teeth and men fought for the privilege of their society.

Perhaps some local talent may find in this occasion an opportunity to take the first step on the ladder of fame, at the dizzy apex of which hang salaries of $50,000 and upward, real money.

Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Reproduced by permission.