Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. May 7, 1917. p. 8


The New York Motion Picture Company at Work

Twenty-two members of the New York Motion Picture Company arrived yesterday at Hotel St. George from Culver City to spend about a week in these parts. Vic Schurtzinger, who is a talented musician and has written much music for motion picture plays, is the director, and Charles Ray is taking the leading part.

The company is as follows: Charles Ray, Vic Schurtzinger, William Wheton, Miss Breaner, Mr. Egler, Mr. Storns, Mr. Dowling, Jim Leslie, Manuel Ojeda, Joe Bennett, Mr. Curran, R. Thompson, Mr. Barney, Mr. Tillery, Mr. Gore, Mr. Ellingford, Mr. Wallock, Mr. Langerell, Mr. Edwards, H. R. Spurgin and F. J. Quinn.

They were taken yesterday by auto by Harry West to Gregory's for location and today they are at work at San Vicente mill. They will also do work near Boulder Creek and the latter part of the week will go to San Vicente logging camp.