Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. March 16, 1917. p. 8


A special baggage car came with the Pickford company, in which was an old stage coach, six horses and two burros. The burros were loaded on a truck and the Harvey auto truck was loaded and the outfit was taken to the place where they are to put on the scenes "In Other Men's Boots."

The outfit was a big one and was unloaded at the Big Trees, where scenes of this drama will also be enacted. The stage coach will be used in typical early day happenings portrayed in this play. They are also on the sand hills beyond Felton today, a spot selected by Mr. Zimmerman. A lot of horses and wild west riders are expected for the play.

First Brick Building for the Movies

The old Leslie building on Mission Street, the first brick structure built in Santa Cruz, was used yesterday by the Robard-Reid company and crowds gathered about the building as the bomb throwing scene was enacted. The bomb was thrown into the building, followed by the flash and smoke. This is part of the same scene taken in Chinatown, where the plot was hatched. It happened just after the Mission School was dismissed and it was great sport for the children gathered about and made a good shot for the camera man.

They are planning for a trip in the near future to the state prison at San Quentin, where they will find the setting necessary in the play.

Dance for Movie People

Manager Edgar Wilson will tender his guests a dance at Casa del Rey tonight. This will include the two motion picture companies at the hotel.

Miss Pickford's Company

The company in which Mary Pickford is starring is her own and she has engaged Cecil DeMille of the Laskeys to direct it. The company as yet is not permanently located.

Mayor Howe a Moving Factor

Mayor and Mrs. F. R. Howe were at Casa del Rey and were presented to Miss Pickford. The Mayor has been a moving factor and has been largely instrumental in securing the companies for Santa Cruz. Mr. Zimmerman states that everything told by Mayor Howe about the inducements in reference to Santa Cruz and surroundings, were more than true.