Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. March 8, 1917. p. 8


Movie People a Big Attraction and Crowds Gather

After the jail scene on Front Street yesterday the Rhobard-Reid Company went to Chinatown, followed by a big crowd of men, women and children, who were caught in one of the pictures. Two local characters participated in one of the scenes, Harry Callamore, who proved a good actor, and Chew Wing, an old timer among the Chinese. It was with great difficulty that even one Chinese was found to take part, and he did it in opposition to his countrymen. "Chinamen no likee do that even $200." When told they could get them in San Francisco the reply was, "Lot Chinese bums in San Francisco; not here." It took several times before the act was satisfactory and the good natured chink got rather tired "too muchee foolee."

Officer Thomas Parker was used in one of the scenes and acted his part well. The scene at which they worked yesterday was a nest of Italians engaged in a Mafia plot. The headquarters of the gang was a saloon. The old corner shack used at one time by the Pastime Club, by means of a Hopsburger beer sign on the post and a swinging door on which was painted a big schooner of foaming beer and a big 5c with name of Peter Mallachi, sufficed for the saloon where the plotting took place, and in front of this place was some great acting. The characters were realistic and would at any time be taken as a bunch of Sicilians with their swarthy complexions, bright colored handkerchiefs and gold hoop earrings. Rhobard and Reid directed and their wives acted.

The old alleyway leading between the Chinatown rookeries was just what was needed for this film.

From Chinatown a scene was taken in front of M. Leonard's place. Other places soon to be used are the court house, jail, Golden Gate Villa interior and at Casa del Rey Manager Wilson has gotten interiors ready for this company--living room, boudoir and bed room.